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First time visitors, please register by clicking the register button on the left.  Please provide all of the information.  You do not need to know your account number.

If you would like for both you and your spouse to receive emails, then both of you must register for the website.

The system will email you a password within 24 business hours.  This password is CASE SENSITIVE.

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On this web page you can automatically update your phone numbers and email address.  If you need to change your mailing address, please contact Main Street by phone or email.  You can also "opt in" to receive e-Statements, which save your community printing & postage costs. 

Main Street does not share your information with anyone except the Board of Directors for your community.

To change your password to something that is easier to remember, you can do that on this page by simply typing in your new password.


If you have a boat slip or own another property Main Street manages, you can register it as an additional property at the bottom of the page.  Now you will be able to login once and see all of your account's information or pay your assessments online.


At the bottom of the page, click "Register an Additional Property” and provide the required information.  Do this for each additional property or boat slip.


Once your information has been verified, you will be able to access your additional accounts by clicking on the underlined account number.




You can make payments via e-check or credit card by clicking on PAY ASSESSMENT. There are no fees for paying by e-check.  There are fees for paying by credit card (approx. 3%). 

If you would like to setup automatic debit (ACH), please call our office at 704-255-1266.  The benefit of ACH is that you do not need to make adjustments if dues increase.

When looking for documents, please be sure to notice the drop down menu at the top middle of the page.  All documents are categorized and the drop down menu allows to choose a category such as governing documents or meeting minutes.

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